Multiple Universe @ UCA Farnham

4th February – 4th March, 2023

UCA Farnham and Assembly Line are delighted to present Multiple Universe, an exhibition asking the question ‘why make more than one?

Multiple Universe responds to the question of multiplicity in art-making, aiming to re-evaluate the notion of the art multiple and the edition in relation to the proliferation of screen-based media, Web3, and the NFT. The exhibition questions the future of physical art made to be seen, touched, and used in the world when surrounded by ever-expanding digital spaces. By showing the works in their original groupings, the exhibition emphasises their plurality whilst purposefully raising awareness of the exhibition as a commercial space, taking a fresh look at arts relationship with commerce.

“Assembly Line is run by myself and the other artists, operating mostly through our online ecommerce shop where we sell specially made limited-edition art multiples. It is run as a semi-cooperative, redistributing a proportion of our sales income equally amongst all our contributors. It’s something of an antidote to the boom-and-bust, winner-takes-all attitude that’s common practice in the art world. We also aim to encourage people to become art collectors by extending gallery prices to an accessible level. Mostly we just want to provide exquisite, intelligent, and original artworks for your collection!”

Shane Bradford, artist and Assembly Line founder