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Hello, welcome, and thank you for your interest in ASSEMBLY LINE!

Assembly Line is an artist-led semi-cooperative platform for the production of bespoke, curated, and unique art multiples, established by artist Shane Bradford in 2019.

We operate a transparent semi-cooperative model whereby a proportion of our revenue is pooled and redistributed amongst all AL contributors, quarterly. As well as artists, this includes website designers, PR associates, interns, freelance marketeers and anybody else who has helped AL to grow and function effectively.

As such, every purchase you make on Assembly Line is vital to the health and stability of a growing creative eco-system that promotes the idea of ‘democratic luxury’. Or, in other words, sustainable gorgeousness for all to enjoy!

Our purpose is to spread the wealth evenly amongst contributors and to reward more than just the lucky few. In this way we harness the cooperative spirit of ownership, inclusion, and the common good, whilst maintaining the creative power and sovereignty of an individual’s work.

Equally, our aim is to promote new art collectors by offering serious work from new and established practitioners at an accessible entry price. We run small edition numbers so that each product has the potential to accrue value over time, no matter how low its initial asking price. Value, in the long run, equals rarity. So, get them while you can!

What makes AL editions special is that, crucially, we ask the question ‘why make more than one?’ We don’t make multiples for solely commercial reasons. Rather, we like to explore the very notion of the multiple by using the fact of multiplicity as the inherent driver for editioned art.

In other words, we produce artwork that directly addresses the nature and reasoning behind the making of artworks in repeat. Bridging the gap between high-end art object and domestic product. Through the multiple we re-examine arts relationship to process, production, commerciality, collectability and the art world in general.

Mostly we want to provide you with exquisite and original artworks for your collection!

If you feel you have something to offer to the Assembly Line brand, and like working as part of a cooperative, please do contact us and let us know how. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Please email info@assembly-line.org

Click below for more about Assembly Line and T&C’s. And to read more about the origins and ideas behind our little empire.

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