BETWIXT – Naomi Escott 1/10


‘BETWIXT’  1/10
Hand-finished bronze cast loop, flame polished borosilicate glass, copper link.
20 x 10 x 2cm (Box 25 x 15 x 7cm)

‘BETWIXT’ comprises a hand-forged set of ten unique bronze loops, or bracelets. Fashioned initially on the ubiquitous bright orange satsuma mesh bag the bracelets are accompanied by a slumped borosilicate glass appendage, a branded indicator of Escott’s methodology. Inside each box a charged incantation of Escott’s making forges an anachronistic path from her deep-green Irish roots to the conscious contemporary pleasures of luxury consumerism.

Each edition comes with its own Certificate Of Authenticity (beermat) signed by the artist. Each bronze loop varies slightly is size no more than 1cm in any direction. The work maybe be worn, or displayed on the acrylic stand provided. Simply unscrew the silver legs and remove the COA beermat. Re-screw the legs and place your bronze loop on top. Speak the incantation inside the box-lid out loud. Feel the magic begin…



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