Can We have Your Input Please

Can We have Your Input Please 
Shane Bradford & Ben Cain

Edition of 20
Hand-dipped pencil

A new collaborative dipped pencil from Ben Cain & Shane Bradford.Ben has provided the aphorism ‘CAN WE HAVE YOUR INPUT PLEASE’ with a suggested colour scheme. The result is an addendum to his ‘DOWN TOOLS Corn Broom’ (available on this site) and another delicious flavour in our range of Shane Bradford’s dipped pencils.

“There are demands for input at the moment, for speaking up… I am unused and un-sharpened. I refuse, I resist! No marks, no writing, I offer no input. Until I’m used and sharpened I’m not even a tool. But I am a small quiet weapon, or I’m just a stick, a little baton. While you hold me in your hand, poised to generate input, I make a demand, and I ask a question. You want to instrumentalise my production, my free labour, the unpaid hours, this is the usual narrative. I am dripping wet, dripping sweat, wet paint. A stirring stick, double-dipped, red-tipped, pin-pointed. My type of input… pretty stubborn.”

Text by Ben Cain & David Price