‘Domestic Bliss Tea Towel’ by Kate Groobey


Domestic Bliss Tea Towel by Kate Groobey.
Edition of 50
Cotton/linen tea towel with hanging loop

In today’s households the common tea towel is a Trojan Horse. Lurking beneath its innocent, utilitarian, soft dish-drying form, is the question ‘Who does the dishes, who does the housework?’ Loaded issues for every home.

Kate Groobey’s seemingly harmless kitchen kitsch conveys her articulate, painterly and subversive take on gender ritual and role-play straight to your dish rack. Throughout Groobey’s oeuvre the domestic ritual is enacted as a folkloric challenge to the status quo. In her hands the repetitive act of drying-up takes on a ceremonial rhythm of intimacy and defiance, perfectly attuned to the Assembly Line.

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