Fireball – Benedikt Hipp £80

‘Fireball’ by Benedikt Hipp
Edition of 16
12 x 12 x 12cm (Box size)
9 x 10 x 11cm (Fireball size)

Each FIREBALL was forged in the fiery furnace of Benedikt Hipp’s home-built kiln in Bavaria, at astronomical temperatures. Like heavenly meteorites they contain not only cosmic metals and materials but are also considered to be the ancient symbolic messengers of the Gods. Historically meteorites represent the tangible link between this earth and the heavens.

Hipp’s works are both ancient and modern, pointing backwards towards ancient times whilst reflecting the future. As the only objects that will break the museums orbit and travel to new places unknown, the purchaser plays their part in spreading the mercurial meaning of the fabulous Fireball.