Made for the cultural fast lane, Shane Bradford presents FORMULA

In typically elegant and contrary fashion Shane Bradford once again employs his secret dipping method to challenge certain assumptions around repeat process and formulaic outcomes. Each car is a slightly different model, each subjected to a predetermined algorithmic pattern of black and white stripes. Dipped repeatedly in liquid emulsions the resulting paint-drip stalactites double as cartoon-like motion blurs, while the stark monotone lines lovingly trace the curvy contours of each aerodynamic chassis.

The word ‘formula’ riffs on the derogatory notion of an artist following a predictable set of moves to churn out works of art, like cars off the assembly line. To utilise a ‘painting formula’ implies that risk-taking is banished in favour of known knowns, and comfort zones. Yet such painting protocols can offer up a surprisingly painterly touch and a seemingly endless variety of outcomes.

Fast art, and a healthily self-effacing play on the idea of artistic authenticity, FORMULA presents a field of 19 collectibles paradoxically finding individuality amidst the homogenous, and driving home the question, why make more than one?