‘Corolla Array’ – Amba Sayal-Bennett

Corolla Array Amba Sayal-Bennett
Edition of 9 (3 colourways)
Powder coated steel, magnets

As contemporary tokens of Modernism’s enduring and often problematic legacy Amba Sayal-Bennett’s ‘Corolla Array’ are second to none. As demonstrated in recent commissions for Geometries of Difference at Somerset House in London, her elegant laser-cut lines and muted tones belie an incisive lexicon of arch architecture and tech-driven adornment. Mechanised floral and organic motifs, long exiled from Modernist aesthetics make a poignant return, reflecting advances in the applied sciences as well as progressive socio-cultural thinking.

Held in place by the magic of magnetism these powder-coated mild steel masterpieces trace a cultural path from the lowly fridge magnet, through ancient Mughal miniatures, to sci-fi visions of the future via Rhino’s digital drawing software and Assembly Line’s keen eye for perfection. The exact use, or usefulness of Sayal-Bennett’s high-end momentos is unclear. Suffice to enjoy the clean lines, clear thought, and rarefied air of artistic know-how that surrounds these beautifully weighted one-off collectables.