‘Many Happy Returns’ By Rose Eken

‘Many Happy Returns’ by Rose Eken

A limited-edition of 45 glazed paper clay multiples. Each one unique, each one the same.

“The humble, ubiquitous, pretty, innocence, and evil birthday candle…
As it burns it whittles down your remaining years, dripping hot wax on your cake. As a totem of ageing it multiplies quietly, year on year, accumulating stealthily until by early midlife lighting your birthday cake is a minor act of arson.

As art multiples go, the celebration of your birthday is perhaps the ultimate. Each annual orbit marks a singular day, yet each birthday is different. ‘Many happy returns!’ they shout, and we couldn’t say it better ourselves.

For the ancient Greeks candle fire represented the glow of the moon, honouring the lunar goddess Artemis, while the smoke, rising to the heavens carries your secret wish into the ether. The recurring ritual of blowing out your candles counts the very breaths until your very last, until the flame expires…

Until then, rejoice! For Rose Eken has produced this limited-edition paper clay collection exclusively for Assembly Line in her famous inimitable style. The numbered edition of 45 celebrates the artists 45th birthday on the 19th March, 2021. Let us mark this occasion with joy and face the future with beauty, fortitude and grace. Amen.”