Paper Plate Set ‘On 2nd’ – Shane Bradford

Paper Plate Set ‘On 2nd’ – Limited edition of 144

Collection of 12 (all different, all signed)
Waxed, food-safe, digitally printed card
23cm (9″)

Shane Bradford’s ‘Picnic Plate Set, On 2nd (2024)’, an edition of 12 colourful printed paper picnic plates, is a direct descendant of Roy Lichtenstein’s 1969 classic art multiple ‘Paper Plate, On 1st (1969)’. Lichtenstein’s plates were published in an unknown quantity for the occasion of Bert Stern’s short-lived art shop called ‘On 1st’, located on New York City’s 1st and 63rd Street.  Not a lot is remembered or recorded about ‘On 1st’  apart from the fact it was conceived by Marylin Monroe photographer Bert Stern and opened briefly circa December 1968. Selling a small amount of ‘practical objects’ by 5-6 artists including Lichtenstein and Stern himself, ‘On 1st’ published several Lichtenstein multiples including wrapping paper and wallpaper. However, the paper plates are the best known remnant from the store and are now held in the majority of institutional collections from Moma to Tate Britain.

Bradford’s set of original paper plates are printed with accurate depictions of the 12 paintings of his Carrier series 2023-4. This series was generated by painting/printing from the cut-up plastic food crates, often found discarded on the streets of London. These mass-produced baskets comprise of surprisingly elaborate designs that, once printed onto canvas, divulge mysterious compositions and pseudo-architectural spaces. Their original function as food carriers forges a neat conceptual link to the generic picnic plate and Lichtenstein’s original oeuvre, now over half a century old.