‘Signature’ Self-inking custom stamp (black)


Patrick Lacey brings us a one-of-a-kind custom self-inking stamp. Taking on the politics of work with aplomb. This essential piece of bureaucratic kit can have many uses both at home and in the workplace. Patrick explains:

‘There is revulsion and magic in human hair. This stamp was originally made as part of a set of tools for cafe workers in London where expectations of care and personality in the product don’t always correspond with wages and job security for those workers. As such, the drawing is free for any cafe workers to use.

Now with #assembly_line_official we are making editions of unique drawings, each one entitled ‘Signature’ numbered starting at 2, this being the second iteration.’

All in all, ‘Signature’ is a masterful yet subtle rebuke to careless officialdom, and the most fun since the Whoopi-cushion.