The Greatest – Edition of 15

The Greatest – Cedric Christie

Limited-edition of 15
Etched phenolic resin snooker balls on steel bar

Assembly Line is proud to present ‘The Greatest’, a brand-new work from one of Britain’s foremost artists, Cedric Christie. ‘The Greatest’ represents a confluence of emotional and conceptual responses to the object at hand, triggering both aesthetic and political tropes in a concisely arranged set. A myriad of connections are forged and projected from the cryptic text ‘CLAY’ and ‘ALI’ that split the pack like a snooker break. Ideas bounce and ricochet off one-another as we try to fix on a single reading. The shiny sphere is such a pure form, perching elegantly on the toughened steel like a monolith of meaning or a trophy of the mind. Lightly touching upon linguistics, aesthetics, religion, race, and politics in one simple array, Christie’s masterpiece is a crisp evocation of disparate and pleasurable associations, a synergy of poignant delights.