‘The Offering’ Apron – Kate Street £65

‘The Offering’ Apron – Limited Edition of 28

The Offering is a visceral, rich and arresting object of faux domesticity; a subversion of anti-feminist tropes conjoining women and the kitchen. The snake, a vaginal and phallic image in one, presides over 28 hanging beads alluding to the days of the menstrual cycle, and shrewdly satisfies AL’s brief to ask ‘why make more than one?’.
With further connotations to counting the prayers of the Rosary, and pseudo-militaristic decoration the edition has been mindfully constructed in defiance of recent global events surrounding the issue of abortion. As such, The Offering is a forceful, poetic & beautiful indictment of retrograde politicking over a woman’s right to her own corporal decisions.
20% of the purchase price for each apron will be donated to the Abortion Support Network.