UTB Bags

Shane Bradfords ‘Barrier Bag’. Unique second edition of 10.

This truly unique edition of highly crafted shoulder bags are cut from the fine canvas cloth of a genuine Shane Bradford painting. Where Bradford’s T.R.O.P.E. project sees large-scale painted canvasses penetrated and performed on by dancers from within, the Barrier Bag further carries the idea into the ‘real world’. The ergonomic interactions we have with our bags, the reaching-in, the weighing-down, the bodily strapping the grabbed handles amount to an extension of our natural selves. A good bag blends with it’s wearer, it serves its intimate and practical function whilst advertising its masters superior taste and savoir faire. A bag is a buddy, a mule, and on occasion is the only thing that stands between you and other human beings in close proximity. Yes, it’s a protective barrier, but one to be breached, one to be shown off, and one to collect.