Dipped Pencils in four colourways.

Question: What gets shorter as its story gets longer?

Answer: A pencil!

Pencils, are the starting point of any written history, and here Shane Bradford presents 4 gorgeous and affordable examples of his famed ‘Dips’. 

Like the early days of Twitter each pencil requires a maximum character count – 29 in this case. Therefore, appropriate aphorisms are concocted, firstly by Shane, followed by guest linguists! ‘STOP THE MEMORY FADING…’ was the first by Bradford. It comes in a yellow/green colour sequence as well as a blue/purple one. Sampo, designers of our Stalactite Tape, are responsible for ‘WATER FLOWING UNDERGROUND’ in both red and rainbow colourways.

Pick your favourite individual pencils for £18, or choose a special pack of all 4 for £60 (saving £12).

We can also commission hand-dipped pencils with your own personal text! An absolutely unique idea for wedding or party favours, or even corporate events and team activities. Contact I’d like my own slogan please for bespoke runs of 24 or more with your own words (up to 29 characters).