They Come. They Shop. They Go. @ They Come. They Sit. They Go.

25th November, 2023 – 13th January, 2024

They Come. They Sit. They Go. proudly presents a canny bonanza of 3D objects commonly known as ‘art multiples’ for your pleasure, and unapologetically, for your purchase! The exhibition is curated by Assembly Line, an artist-run online shop, curation platform, and producer of exclusive art multiples. They come. They sit. They go. plays host to the Assembly Line roster with new editions and surprises thrown in.

“We curate 3D sculptural objects and art-multiples only (no 2D!). Pocket collectibles, postal masterpieces, and original ornaments for your mantlepiece. These artworks toy with functionality and span the divide between conceptual and consumable. Assembly Line works with artists willing to ask themselves the question ‘why make more than one?’. This vital query unlocks a multitude of treasured enquiries around art, retail, creativity and most importantly at this time of year confronts the question ‘what shall I get them for Xmas!?”